So my four-month-old computer went and ate up its hard drive about a week ago. This sucks, but it was covered by the warranty at least, and it had two unexpected benefits:

  • The stupid OSD that I wrote about months ago has disappeared.
  • Since the reinstall, Fallout 3 hasn’t crashed at all.  Knock on ravaged, post-nuclear wood.

I did lose all my Fallout saves and thus my level 20 character, so I started a new game.  It’s amazing how much easier it is the second time… I had a few hundred caps and quite a few stimpacks before even leaving Springvale.

Xiumei ready for some wasteland action

I’ve repeated some quests, but tried to do some things differently– e.g. going to Galaxy News Radio before Rivet City this time.  The battle with the Super Mutant Behemoth goes a lot easier with backup.

I may also try to explore the map more at lower levels, just so I can get around later without having to put down pairs of giant radscorpions every furlong.