It must have been fun for the Fallout 3 developers to take their own area and turn it into a nuclear wasteland.  I wonder if there’s something interesting to mark the location of Bethesda Softworks. 

The Capitol, now infested with Super Mutants.  Just like today HAHA

The Capitol, now infested with Super Mutants. Just like today HAHA

 Unlike my friend Chris who is playing as a complete bastard, that bastard, I’ve been a fairly nice girl.  I mean, there was that robot I blew away in the National Archives, but hey, getting him what he wanted would have required a lot of mutants to die, right?  And if I require payment for services rendered, well, it’s a tough world and there are worse people out there.  Chris, for instance.

It’s an amazing game.  It looks like there’s not as many quests as in Oblivion, but they tend to be more detailed and offer far more interesting choices.  It’s also even less directed.  In Oblivion there were obvious sources of quests– the various guilds.  In Fallout 3 it’s all side quests… you have to move around and talk to people to even get them. 

I’m up to level 8, and I finally have enough ammo (and at the moment, enough stimpacks).  And the game still feels like it’s opening out… I just discovered that you can make your own drugs, for instance.  The NPCs feel much more alive than in Oblivion, too… they chat with each other sometimes and actually have interesting conversations.  (A small-time gang leader, for instance, talks over some doubts about his mission with his girlfriend.  Infinitely better than all that talk about mud crabs.)  They also run away if they’re hurt too badly.

The VATS system (which allows you to pause combat and target opponents’ body parts, then see a slo-mo cinematic of the carnage) is entertaining, but I’ve been using it less and less.  You can hit targets more accurately without it, and you don’t have to wait for AP to regen.

Amusing tidbit: some female Raiders have some rather sexy armor.  If you take it off them (to sell, of course, you pervs), they end up in a T-shirt that covers more than their original outfit.