What’s your take on the point that’s come up in blogs and on TV about the Democrats potentially “kicking Sen. Joe Liberman (I-CT) out”of their congressional caucus?

 My initial reaction is posted here (http://vroomsplat.livejournal.com/91167.html), so if you’d like to respond to that I’d be grateful— but this is about asking you, not asking me, so most of all I’d like to know what you think the Democrats should do.

I’d better reply before events take over…  There’s some justifiable anger at Lieberman’s consorting with McCain and running as an independent; but I think it’d be foolish to kick him out.  It’s not merely prudent to have one extra vote; it’s a certainty that it’ll be needed one day and probably many days.
There’s a profile in this week’s New Yorker of Chuck Hagel, a Republican who’s been increasingly critical of his party, especially on Iraq.  (He accompanied Obama to Iraq this summer.)  Frustrating as they are to ideologues, we need this sort of people—the rather small group of politicians who inhabit the middle ground between the two parties.