I finally got my Oblivion disk again, and rather than finishing the Shivering Isles material, I’m replaying from the start.  It’s fun, though the graphics actually look a little primitive after playing many Valve games.

After so much TF2, NPC behavior looks stupider than ever.  An amusing even from last night: I was in the middle of the wilderness, and ran into Countess Alessia Caro, apparently on a visit to Chorrol.  (It’s pretty neat that the Oblivion characters actually have schedules, as oppposed to (say) Jade Empire where they just stand in one place like slackers).

I ran into a bandit, and decided to lead him to Alessia to see what she’d do.  He attacked her, and she almost immediately ran away.  She ended up in the water, where he knocked her unconscious (major characters can’t be killed).  I killed the bandit, and she woke up and greeted me with a perky “Hello!”  Not a word of thanks for saving her from the ruffian, or for that matter reproach for leading him to her.  (We ran into a Conjurer next, and she was a bit braver, fighting with her fists.)

I can’t leave the topic without a plug for my bosmer-height but brilliant friend Chris’s Living in Oblivion  blog.