Tonight I tried out Portal Prelude.  I absolutely loved Portal, so I was eager to have more.  This isn’t it.  This is the George Lucas style of prequel. 

Prelude is apparently for people who played Portal and thought it needed more twisty multi-key mashups.  I couldn’t get far; I checked out the forums for clues, tried a bunch of stuff, nothing worked.  Even if it had, it didn’t make sense… why crouch or run while jumping, except as a pointless way of adding extra keystrokes? 

The developer’s attitude on the forums also bothered me… he couldn’t accept any criticism, no matter how intelligent or insightful, and blamed any frustration on the players.  From the Valve developer commentary, it’s clear that much of the success of Portal is due to the intense playtesting and the commitment to make the game playable and intuitive.  The Prelude guy wasted my whole evening, and the hell with him.