1. Not having a Wacom tablet, I had to resort to drawing outlines in pencil on paper and scanning them. Should I erase them after colorization or accentuate them for a better aesthetic result?
2. Which is the better worldbuilding strategy in your opinion – top-down, bottom-up, or mixed?
3. I was playing Civ4 attempting to implement the Culture victory scenario you mentioned in your article, and I accidentally picked “Raging Barbarians” instead of “No Barbarians” in the custom game menu. Do you have any special tricks that you use to deal with barbarians?
1. Whatever looks better.  In general sharp lines will probably look best; but for maps, use light colors so the text isn’t overwhelmed.  And jeez, get a tablet already. 
2. Again, it’s an art, not a science… do what works for you.  But don’t expect to make something permanent the first time.  If you expect to revise things later, it doesn’t matter so much what order you use to create the first draft.  (My Historical Atlas and Verdurian dictionary went through at least three full revisions each before they were posted to the web.  And they can both use another go-around.)
3. I’m not sure I’ve played Civ4 with Raging Barbarians.  They can be an annoyance, but perhaps less so than the other civs, since they don’t coordinate attacks.  I think the main effect would be to make you militarize a tad earlier, since ordinarily you have a little breather before the other civs come knocking.  The Great Wall can help if they’re really bugging you.