So, McCain “suspends his campaign” (whatever that means– is he temporarily not the candidate?) and rushes back to D.C. to help out.  Well, I guess it’s nice he remembered he’s a Senator– he hasn’t voted in the Senate for five months. 

He may not quite remember what committees he’s on… in particular, he’s not on the Banking committee that’s considering the bailout plan.

I’m seeing a number of pundits who think it’s a bald-facedly cynical political move.  I’m willing to believe McCain thinks it’s the right thing to do– he thinks he’s committing an act of leadership.  It’s not political maneuvering– it’s just dumb, the same sort of badly thought out recklessness that gave him a running mate who’s not allowed to talk.  Is this the guy we want to be handling economic failures, hurricanes, and rogue states?