It’s best to be modest when talking about one’s gaming prowess, and I have much to be modest about.  But sometimes it just all comes together.  Last night we were defending on the third stage of Dustbowl.  Blue has a narrow bottleneck to come out of, shown at left; they have an alternate door, which you can see here, but it doesn’t get them much farther.

The capture point is around that building to the left; below is Red’s point of view, showing the point, looking back at the same alternate door.  This was about where I was stationed, as a Soldier.

There were about half a dozen of us, and we had about 13 minutes… an eternity to hold this position, but we got into a great flow.  I’d fire my four rockets and back off– the Soldier reloads very slowly– occasionally jumping up into the building to get more ammo.  My friend Stavros had a good sentry post off to the left; there was another Soldier, a Pyro, and a Medic, and we got into a nice flow– if anyone got through, they were quickly eliminated.  Soldier is very powerful if you have some distance, and I racked up 4286 damage and 10 kills, which is incredible for me.

We failed, in the end– I think they ubered or double-ubered through, and then got very quickly to the last point.  So it was kind of our Thermopylae, a glorious battle though regrettably lost.

Ultimately, of course, I blame Red management for always building its bases a hundred yards away from Blue’s.  You’d think they’d learn.