So, more TF2.  Do you know, I dreamed about TF2 the other night.  I was on the blue team, which lost, and the red CEO (he looked craggy, skin and suit the color of the red spy’s outfit) was giving a pep talk to his team motivating them to search out the survivors and kill them.  I managed to get away with several close shaves. 

Anyway, I think I’m solidly mediocre now.  Thanks to some small-team games with Frohman and others, I’ve been trying out the other classes.  Medic is pretty good, especially with a good partner (i.e. one who doesn’t forget that his medic buddy is made of styrofoam); it’s also an almost cheap way to rack up points.  Soldier is good when there’s someone to take care of long distance.  I kinda like playing Scout too, especially on CTF maps, or to sneak up behind the enemy. 

The new Arena mode is extremely well designed to showcase my faults, especially dying early and often.  But Badwater Basin is great.