Monster Mash-up

Lore seems set to make a series of Monster Manual comics:

In most pop culture that comes in series and remakes, the rule seems to be that whatever its inherent quality, we best love the version we first encountered.  (Yes, I know, there’s Battlestar Galactica, but that’s about it.  Besides, I never saw the original, so the rule holds for me.)  D&D monsters are, for me, the ones in the 1978 Monster Manual.

I don’t think any campaigns I’ve run or been in unearthed (or unfilthed) an actual rot grub, possibly because the DMs had taste.  They fall in the category of “monsters for when the DM just wants to fuck with the party”, along with rust monsters, mimics, trappers, and ear seekers.  How did an entire ecosystem develop around dungeon exploration? 

Gelatinous cubes, however, are awesome.