Spore toy

I picked up the Spore Creature Creator today.  It’s nice that it works on the Mac… though it doesn’t work on my Mac, argh.

The Triplacid

It’s fun and immensely clever and I can’t see playing it for very long.  (As evidence, you’ll notice that I’m not playing it right now, pretty unusual for a newly purchased game.)    It’s fun watching a creature run through all its animations; but there aren’t all that many of them.  And as a Second Life builder I’m used to being able to have a lot more control over my creations than this.

Undoubtedly this was released as a promo for Spore itself, and in that regard, mission accomplished.  It sounds fascinating and I can’t wait to play it.  (And once there’s a game to put them in, I’m sure my interest in making creatures will be revived.)

Another argh: it looks like I can’t even upgrade my PC to play some of the games I’m interested in, like Mass Effect and Age of Conan.  It needs a whole new bus type.  Oh well, I’ll just have to work on convincing myself to get a new computer…