In the nutosphere

Again via Agto— an amazing tale of wingnut scurrility.

Briefly: Obama mentioned an uncle who helped liberate part of Auschwitz.  A full lard load of chickenhawk wingnuts were convinced that he’d made up this uncle, so they wrtote to a veterans’ organization for confirmation and received, as Sadly No put it, “the greatest bitch slap in history.” 

Undeterred, they went on to attack these WWII veterans as “Sheehanites” and seized on the fact that the uncle was at Buchenwald rather than Auschwitz to declare, from their Cheeto-dust-covered armchairs, that Buchenwald “was a work camp — and not a death camp like Auschwitz or Treblinka. So one wonders why he was so terribly traumatized”.  Nope, nothing traumatizing there at all

General Patton was there; it affected him to hard he had to go throw up.  Dudes, if it makes Patton vomit, it’s bad.  I’d like to know what Patton would do if he heard these Bush-Jugenders describe Buchenwald as “not historically abnormal in a time of war”.

It’s hard to underestimate how low a wingnut will go, but attacking WWII veterans and minimizing Nazi concentration camps is pretty damn low.  I don’t know how they’ll bottom this one, but I’m sure we’ll find out before November.  And hopefully at the same time, the voting public will administer its own bitch slap.