Mark, in addition to my earlier question about racist Europeans, let me ask you a question in bad taste:

Are our problems with rampant anti-Muslim hysteria due to the fact that Muslim girls are, uh, restrictedly available to non-Muslim men? I think most of racism comes from young men lacking access to vaginas, and consequently, if a certain immigrant group includes lots of eligible girls available to the native young men, shouldn’t it reduce racism and interracial tension? Does pussy cure racism?


Wow, that certainly is a question.  I can think of one bit of evidence in its favor: East Asians, in this country, often marry whites, and are not subject to much racism.  I’d agree (from experience) that intermarriage is the best way to understand another culture.

On the other hand, I’m not sure that the correlation holds up.  Despite miscegenation laws, there’s been a lot of black-white mixing in the US (this becomes obvious comparing American blacks with Africans), but I don’t see that this mitigated racism much.  Hindu Americans work hard to marry only other Indians, but I’ve never heard that this causes any resentment or racism.

Personally, I think racism is just part of the general primate (not just human) dislike of outsiders.  In some ways the remarkable thing isn’t that racism still exists, but how far our boundaries have expanded.  In ancient times someone from the next settlement over was highly suspect; modern urban populations can be tolerant of almost anyone.  (Even a Muslim can theoretically marry any of half a billion people.)