Mostly laid up with the flu today.  But I thought I’d report on our D&D campaign.

Lore, the Dapper Swede, was eager to try out what’s known of the 4.0 rules, so he ran a simple campaign with, apparently, some of the few monsters whose stats are fully cooked: kobolds and hobgoblins. 

 It was a blast, though like any campaign this depends on the people more than the rules, and this is a good crowd.  I think we all liked the new rules.  They’re a bit simpler, and they make first-level characters way more attractive.  Spellcasters should really like them, since they can regenerate their magic between encounters.  I really liked Hunter’s Quarry, a class feature which basically adds 1d8 of damage so long as you target the nearest enemy.

 The tempo of D&D is rather endearingly slower than video games.  I’m playing a MMORPG that thinks nothing of assigning a quest like “get 200 Ghost Bug eggs”.  In several hours we got through half a dozen kobolds and four hobgoblins.  (And they got through four of us…. though fortunately you can now heal an unconscious character on the spot.)