I’m trying to draw maps of bicycling routes so I can distribute them to other riders for touring. What I’m wanting to do is actually trace the routes from real maps so I only show the roads I want plus add text for points of interest. My problem is that when I move the mouse across the map I don’t get a true 1 for 1 copy. Sometimes the mouse line just takes off and it doesn’t follow turns and curves worth a flip. I bought an iPen to replace the mouse but it didn’t work any better. You look like you’ve done a lot more detailed drawing with a mouse than what I’m trying to do. Are there settings or something I need to do for the mouse? I am using the pen in Corel’s Paint Shop Pro Photo XI.  

Can you help? 


I don’t know that program, but from similar experiences in Flash and Illustrator I’m guessing that the pen you’re using (i.e. not the iPen but the software tool) is smoothing out the line too much.   See if there’s a tool setting for following the mouse movements more closely without smoothing (there is in Flash), or try another tool.  Sometimes working at an expanded scale will help, or just drawing more slowly.